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Privacy Policy

Arwad Store is a mobile application operating at https://arwadstore.ly. Arwad Company owns it for importing car oils and greases LLC, officially registered in Tripoli, Libya. It can be downloaded to your mobile phone by clicking here.

Arwad Store is referred to as “the Service” in the terms of use and privacy policy, which you commit to accept all of its terms throughout your period of use.

Terms of Use

  1. Registration “with the Service” must be with correct information (phone number and/or email) and your personal name. The use of any username that is a known personality, trademark, unrelated to you, offensive, or unclear is not allowed.
  2. By agreeing to use “the Service,” you commit to providing correct and accurate contact details (phone number and/or email and residence or work address). Your phone number or email will be used for account verification during registration, to update you on the status of your orders, and for any business transactions. The residence or work address is used as a point for delivering your orders.
  3. You acknowledge your full responsibility for any activities using your personal account on “the Service,” and any lending, exchange, or selling of it may expose it to immediate suspension.
  4. You commit to updating your personal information on “the Service” if any changes occur. In cases of loss of any part of this information, you commit to updating it immediately or notifying us to take the necessary action.
  5. You commit to using “the Service” in a way that does not abuse its use or tamper with its contents or reuse or publish any of the data posted on it in any form of different publications without prior permission from “the Service” management, except for sharing products allowed by “the Service” through the sharing feature.
  6. “The Service” disclaims its total responsibility for any damages of any kind that may be caused to users due to misuse or as a result of software malfunctions beyond the control of its owner and the persons responsible for it.
  7. The owning entity “of the Service” has all the powers to modify its way of working or add or remove any of its contents or features.
  8. You commit to paying the price of your orders by the methods and conditions provided by “the Service.” In cases of cash on delivery, you commit to paying the price of your goods upon receiving them and after verifying their safety.

Privacy Policy

  1. “The Service” collects some information automatically during your use, including the IP device address you use to access the service, the geographic location, the type of phone used, and the operating system.
  2. “The Service” uses tools and programs for analysis, statistics, and marketing purposes, such as Google Analytics, to collect usage information and patterns. Therefore, some general information will be shared with these sites with confidentiality ensured.
  3. “The Service” uses cookies that operate automatically during your use, and these files help keep your use active.
  4. We store all data of “the Service” on well-secured servers, and we do not guarantee the absolute security of this data. We also use encryption techniques to preserve your site usage operations and ensure a secure connection to it.
  5. Your contact information may be used to contact you for promotional and marketing purposes related to all the works and services provided by “the Service.”
  6. We may share your personal information with third parties only when needed, such as shipping companies, electronic payment companies, and SMS marketing services.
  7. We may share your personal information with judicial entities if we are obligated to do so.
  8. To request the deletion of your data, please follow these steps:
    1. Open the Arwad App application.
    2. Click on the side menu.
    3. Select ‘Account’.
    4. Find and click on ‘Delete Account’. You will find further instructions there to guide you through the process.
    5. Please note that once you confirm the deletion, your data will be erased immediately from our systems. We have designed this process to empower our users with immediate control over their personal information.

We comply with all relevant data protection laws in the regions we operate.

All items of the usage agreement and privacy policy are subject to change and development, so subscribers must review them periodically.

For any inquiries regarding these items, please contact us through the contact form.